Gabriel Lehman's Work

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About This Artist:

Gabriel Lehman is a self-taught painter living and working in Brown County, Indiana. The characters in his paintings are his own creations.

Gabriel says, "When painting, I believe in really getting after it. Being self-taught, I rely on instinct; working with canvas and liquid acrylic, I choose my colors and then create light and balance directly on the canvas without preplanning my imagery. I enjoy painting big skyscapes with hidden light sources, and I often start four or more backgrounds at once and then let the feel of each creation direct the work.
In my art, I have created a world that is filled with innocence, curiosity, discovery, and adventure. My favorite aspects of life are reflected in my paintings and I always create with a sense of childlike wonder. My work is an expression of my zeal for life, for its joy and its simplicity."

Artworks by Gabriel Lehman: