Kendall Reeves's Work

About This Artist:

Kendall Reeves is a photographer from Bloomington, Indiana. His images are available both as traditional photographs and printed to dibond aluminum. He also puts select images onto aluminum coasters, for a little touch of art that fits anywhere. The photos here a very small sample of available work. Please visit the gallery or contact us to see what else is available.

Kendall shoots five to nine exposures of each scene in any subject to capture shadows, mid-tones and highlights, and then he blends the images to hold detail in every part of the image. “This is something your brain and eyes do automatically but cameras don’t,” he said. “My images are rich in color, sharpness and depth. I then print them on the highest quality materials for presentation.”

His technique, body of work and presentation are each unique in the landscape of art photography. “Many traditional photographers simply mat and frame their work behind glass,” he said. “I don’t use traditional mats, and I use laminate rather than glass to protect my work. Glass creates a double reflection and often causes a slight green cast to a photograph. I have made images of lots of industrial products and adapted them to art. It’s interesting that most people who see my work say they have never seen anything like it before.”

Artworks by Kendall Reeves: