Perry Couch's Work

Perry couch cat
About This Artist:

Perry Couch is an artist from Speed, Indiana. He creates light-hearted animal caricatures with a variety of themes. Perry is happy to create a unique piece for you! Do you see your pet as a pirate? A princess or a king? Works are produced in acrylic and colored pencil on wood.

Being involved with art from an early age, Perry attended Indiana University Southeast and graduated with a degree in drawing and painting. Perry in a devoted Christian, husband, father, and grandfather. He is an elder in his church, as well as Sunday school teacher and song leader. When not absorbed in his art, he can often be found puttering around in his greenhouse, caring for his collection of palms and citrus trees.

"I have always had a fondness for the tropics and the seashore. In my work, I often combine these themes to promote a feeling of calm and light-hearted whimsy. Creating these paintings makes me happy. They give me a smile. And if they give you a smile too...then I've done my job."

Artworks by Perry Couch: